Finally Time to Tune the Porsche!

We finally made it out of the house!

Boxes, clothes, furniture and all. Eliza and I have vacated the premises and left it in the busy hands of our daughter.

Now I can finally crack on with the pet project that has been evading my attention for the last 10 years. A decade ago, I found myself drifting into a dangerous simulacrum of a mid-life crisis. That’s how I ended up in Liverpool buying a Porsche 928 GTS from Tech-9 Motorsport.

Mid-life crises are not to be laughed at. That’s what I attempted to tell my kids when they mercilessly criticised my choice to blow over £60,000 on a sports car from the early 90s. Of course, I wasn’t really going through a crisis. I was happy in my job, satisfied with my lot in in life. I just felt like I needed to indulge in something that would keep me busy in my oncoming retirement.

I’m just glad that our new little two bed terrace has an adjoining garage out the back.

I’ve not owned a dedicated garage before and I’m not ashamed to admit that I find the novelty of commanding my own private space rather thrilling.

After 40 years or so of sharing spaces with my wife or with my kids, I finally have my own area that I can use at my leisure. It might just be a standard sized garage to the casual onlooker, but to me it is my Bat Cave. It is my Fortress of Solitude. If I were James Bond, this would be the place that I would meet Q to assess my new toys.

It is all of these things because in the centre of this room is a high-powered sports car that can take me from 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds. I might look an utter fool when I fold myself into the front seat, but when I push down on the accelerator, I feel like I’m 40 years younger. Which is never a bad thing for a man my age.

When I first bought this car I was overwhelmed by the speed that it could travel and how good it felt to drive.

The team at Tech-9 had done a great job of refitting the car with new parts it needed, so I was ready to speed back home as soon as I picked it up.

Now that the Porsche has found it’s home and Eliza’s busy putting our new house in order, I’m going to have all the time in the world to pull it apart and fine tune it. Strictly speaking, I’m more of a hammer and nails man than an oil and grease fella.

However, when you’ve got an endless stretch of time in front of you, there’s no excuse not to learn!

The car was in pristine condition when I first picked it up, with that ‘new car’ smell that is truly intoxicating. In the years that I’ve let it sit, that scent has diminished somewhat. Cars need to be driven and I’m afraid that in the last few years I’ve left it to fester somewhat. The engine will have to be completely taken apart and rebuilt. The seats will definitely need a vacuum.

Hopefully by the time June comes around, I’ll be able to take her our for a spin again.